Montréal, Québec

Incotel, one of the three largest interconnects in eastern north America, has selected Redcom’s Sigma Core Class 4/5 switch as it’s new platform to consolidate the bulk of they’re IP Trunking and Hosted IP solutions offered to they’re diverse commercial, government, and contact-center client base.

“We really place reliability above everything thing else, thats the only way we are willing to convert clients from the stability of Analog and Digital phone lines to the ever growing VoIP space” said CTO Trevor Farren, “As an installer of some of the world’s finest phone systems, client expectations are rightfully high.”

Dealing with the bad taste that has been left in many customers mouths by SIP carriers who build on heavily modified PBX’s, or on marginal soft switches has been a challenge for Incotel. “Many VoIP services providers have built their platforms on asterisk or other open-source platorms. And we can’t blame them, it’s free for the most part. But when you cross over into the carrier space, to customers who demand 99.999+% uptime, you need to go with the real purpose-built switches and equipment.” After evaluating 11 vendor’s top offerings, they selected redcom, who is 100% based at they’re facilities in Victor, New York. Redcom primarily serves the Carrier, Military and the Government sectors, and two years ago, released they’re Sigma Core platform, bringing they’re legendary reliability to the next-generation carrier space.

“The requirements were simple, but demanding: we wanted a rock-solid class 4 & 5 soft switch, reliable Hosted PBX features, a clean and simple client interface, and scalability for our constant growth. I found all of that with Redcom.”

Incotel is no stranger to stringent requirements. As one of the main providers for the government and business sectors’ telephony needs, Incotel has a broad array of SMB clients, and they are one of the few companies to master the hospital and public-security client markets as well.

“There is no forgiveness in police dispatch or hospital settings, the need for reliability is all too real.” said Farren, “Incotel installs systems that set the bar pretty high.”

Incotel has been delivering Mitel, NEC, and Toshiba systems for over 30 years, and has a large team of highly trained techs, who have massive experience in both the legacy TDM and IP spaces. They continue to grow into the SIP carrier space as well with a full portfolio of SIP Trunking, Hosted PBX, Voice Backhaul, and Hosted Contact Center solutions.