Phone System Solutions for Governmental and Municipal Establishments

With 4 government institutions and 9 municipal projects implemented with MITEL products during the last 3 years, Incotel-ISQ is positioned as the specialist in all phone system solutions for Governmental and Municipal Establishments. At ease with the government’s reality, Incotel-ISQ will propose the right system adapted to your needs.

Whether you operate a governmental or municipal establishment, your organization will greatly benefit from the reliable and secure phone solutions we offer to connect all your remote sites. The automatic phone system transfer for IP extensions between principal and secondary controllers will guarantee a minimal failure impact and will stand as the perfect addition to your existing emergency recovery plan.

Incotel-ISQ Municipal Clients

Phone System Solutions fit for your Governmental or Municipal Establishment

If you are looking to upgrade your phone system solution, here are a few solutions offered by Incotel-ISQ that can be adapted to Governmental or Municipal Establishment business reality:

MITEL – MiVoice Business Enterprise
MITEL – 3300 MXe
MITEL – MiVoice Business Express
MITEL – MiCollab
NEC – Univerge SV9300