Inco-SIP Phone Lines

Do you know about SIP lines? Since 2007, SIP services (Session Initiation Protocol) is the most used protocol in Internet telephony for voice and video calls. In fact, SIP trunking is a gateway between the public telephone network and the IP network.

Many businesses are turning to SIP trunking because it greatly reduces costs. As voice and data services are managed through one and only connexion, you don’t have to pay for costly material and long-distance charges. What’s more, you don’t have to install PBX systems at every operation site: you only have to regroup all of the switches in one place. That way, you can save on traditional lines installation fees. You can also manage yourself your bandwidth and share voice trafic and data depending on your needs.

Not only does it reduce costs, but Inco-SIP also allows you to make communications easier and to increase productivity. Your office is located in Ottawa but your target market is in Montreal? Inco-Sip allows you to delocalize your calls and to use local numbers, thus making it possible for you to be present in all of your target markets.

Through Inco-Sip, you employees can gain an extraordinary mobility. Your client won’t even be able to tell that they are out of the office because calls will be redirected to their cellphone or fixed lines. With Inco-Sip, your employees can manage their different projects without being at the office.