Phone System Solutions for Large Businesses

Whether it is for call control, functionalities support or deployment options, our highly modern and reliable phone system solutions for large businesses will enable substantial savings in time and money. Our phone system solutions for large businesses are flexible enough to allow not only a better user experience but also increase the high level benefits over the long-term for your business.

In a high energy efficiency and profitability demand period, a modern phone system is proven to be a smart investment.

The diagram below shows a convergent phone system network destined to medium and large businesses, however, that environment could be easily resized in order to fit your company standards and tailored to your specific business needs, regardless of size.


diagram Incotel-ISQ

Phone System Solutions fit for your large business

If you are looking to upgrade your phone system solution, here are a few solutions offered by Incotel-ISQ that can be adapted to your large business reality:

MITEL – MiVoice Business Enterprise
MITEL – 3300 MXe
MITEL – MiVoice Business Express
MITEL – MiCollab
Toshiba – IP Edge
NEC Univerge SV9300
Panasonic – KX-NS1000