Are you currently using Toshiba?

Here's why you should consider changing this system soon...

No more technical support from the manufacturer
Your current interconnect is no longer supported by Toshiba
Your new investments aren’t sustainable
In case there happens to be any problem in the equipment, your daily operations will be at risk

Incotel ISQ can help

With our offices in Montreal, Drummondville and Quebec, we hold a strong presence in this province and we are a major player in telecommunications market.

  1. Our team is composed of 15 technicians, where each one is certified, is available to ensure a safe transition.
  2. Secure your investments, our team of advisors informs you and directs you to the solutions which are best suited to your profile.
  3. Incotel-ISQ has been Toshiba Expert for around 40 years. We understand the product as well as its technological capacity and so we understand your operations. Needless to say then, we are the best to ensure your business continuity.
  4. With us, you can undertake the process of transition without any pressure and at your own pace.
  5. We have expertise in various industries: Education, Health, City  & Municipality and Retail.
  6. We deal with small, medium and very large companies.

Some of our customers

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