Through its broad range of integrated business technology solutions, Panasonic empowers professionals to do their best work. Customers in government, public safety, oil and gas, healthcare, production, education and a wide variety of commercial enterprises, large and small, depend on integrated solutions from Panasonic to reach their full potential, achieve competitive advantage and improve outcomes.
As a result of its commitment to R&D, manufacturing and quality control, Panasonic engineers reliable and long-lasting solutions as a partner for continuous improvement.


Looking to reduce your operational and capital costs through high-quality, flexible communications? Want technology that can increase the return on your investment and the mobility of even the smallest of workforces?
The new smart hybrid IP PBX KX-NS700 from Panasonic delivers all of this – and much more.

Designed specifically for small or medium-sized businesses looking to take advantage of Panasonic’s reputation for quality technology, without needing a huge budget, the KX-NS700 unified communications solution is a small system with the ability to manage big future growth.

Easy to install and maintain, it is a cost-effective legacy and IP communication system for companies with up to 250 users in a single site that can be flexibly configured and expanded, making it the ideal alternative to cloud-based solutions.


Cut costs and increase ROI

• Expandability to grow with your business
• Backwards compatibility for low-cost integration
• IP networking for cost-effective communications


• Wireless solution to answer calls anywhere on your premises
• Mobile phone integration to receive customer calls anywhere
• Voicemail solution to ensure no call is missed


• Built-in DISA to transfer calls without an operator
• Call centre solution for streamlined professional operations
• Call Monitoring and Reporting for better customer management



In the current era Business Communications Servers should provide solutions to real world Business requirements, such as simplifying and improving communications, lowering costs and improving productivity, while flexibly adapting to the way the organization works.
The NS1000 Network Communications Server by Panasonic is designed to deliver these solutions, integrating hardware and software components in a modular way, allowing you to tailor a communications system to your specific needs.
The NS1000 is built on SIP and IP technologies, with powerful built-in Unified Collaboration and Communication components including desktop tools, voice messaging and an interactive voice response system. Partnering with a comprehensive range of terminals, accessories and applications software, ensures that systems can adapt to meet all the communication requirements of your business to support revenue growth.
With best in class, high definition voice quality and on-demand capacity enhancements, the NS1000 is the core of a powerful VoIP communications solution offering flexibility,
simplicity and productivity.

Why choose the NS1000?

Improve Customer Responsiveness
Integrated applications for call grouping and routing, ensuring the right person takes every call
Enhance Productivity
‘Presence’ – Know who is available, and how best to contact them at any time
Wireless DECT systems and mobile phone integration means you can stay in touch, even when you’re on the move
Desktop Integration & Application Support
Direct support for up to 1,000 users in a full transparent network and for integrated Q-SIG networks for up to 8,000 users.
A powerful Computer Telephony Interface allows the NS1000 to work with many CRM tools, maximizing access to hard-earned customer contact data.



Computer meets telephone because personal computers have become an essential business tool.
Panasonic has developed a Network Communication Platform to seamlessly integrate with advanced desktop productivity applications for improved business efficiency.
The Panasonic Communication Assistant productivity suite is a highly intuitive Unified Communications and collaboration (UCC) software solution for Microsoft Windows®, that brings together many features.
Simple ‘point and click’ telephony, presence, availability, MS Outlook® integration, visual voice messaging, CRM database integration and much more are combined in a single application – enhancing and simplifying communications for business telephony users.

Designed for easy installation and maintenance, Communication Assistant can be deployed without the need of any additional 3rd party server, making it an ideal solution for small to medium size businesses.

Panasonic agent


As a GOLD Partner of the Panasonic Solutions Developer Network, Poltys provides enhanced communications solutions certified for comprehensive compatibility with Panasonic’s KX-TDA/ TDE/ NCP/ NS IP-PBX series.
Poltys is specialized in Contact Center and Unified Communication Solutions, Mobility, Collaboration, CRM Integration, Reporting Tools, hosted and on-premises solutions.
Poltys offers you a comprehensive Contact Center solution with Real-Time Graphics, ACD Reports, Built-in Call Accounting and Outgoing Call Budgeting, Real time Monitor and CRM integration.
Supervisors can allocate adequate resources with tools needed to improve performance.
Real-Time Monitor allows supervisors to change agents, as needed, to balance workloads.
Historical Reports provides global group information and individual performance.