Inco-Voice Phone Systems

Phone system solutions made simple and efficient.

With a strong background in telecommunications, Incotel-ISQ is a recognized expert in the on-site phone systems market. Our Inco-voice phone systems solutions are easy to install and to use, and will simplify your communication operations. When it comes to phone systems, reliability should be a given; choosing Incotel-ISQ will allow you the peace of mind and productivity your business needs in order to improve your customer satisfaction.

Traditional Telephony

Thanks to the expertise of its employees, Incotel-ISQ offers reliable and innovative solutions that will improve your communications as well as increase your customer satisfaction. Our flexible traditional phone system solutions will allow you to increase customer satisfaction by offering them an unmatched, state of the art service.


Incotel-ISQ has progressively expanded its offer of enterprise telephony to offer global IP solutions. Voice over IP (VoIP) is scanned into data packets on the network like any other data type, which supports the convergence, sharing infrastructure and reduce costs. We know the importance of having a phone system that is not only cost effective but most importantly makes your communication operations more relevant and well-organized. Your priorities are our priorities and we are dedicated to offering you the best service and reliable network equipped with the practical features that will meet your needs.


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