Inco-Service Phone System Technicians

Personalized service for your phone system, 24/7.

Incotel-ISQ is the professional partner on which you can rely with confidence and peace of mind.
Our personalized approach to phone service contracts consist of an unmatched support, qualified technicians and many other features such as:

    • A 7/24 contact center , in both English and French using a toll free number
    • Support service calls dispatched within a ten minute period
    • The intervention of a qualified technician for critical services calls within a period of 4 hours
    • A personalized maintenance contract that suits your business needs for maintenance and repair
    • A dedicated and competent customer accounts manager, certified about your products and architectures
    • Certified technicians with vehicles in perfect condition
    • A Software Assurance coverage to keep your software versions up to date and supported by the manufacturer

Call 1.866.844.6670 to speak with Inco-Service phone system technicians today.