About Incotel-ISQ

Incotel-ISQ is a company established in the province of Quebec that has been operating for 40 years in the Telephony field. It was created from the merger of the Montreal based company Incotel-GH with Quebec-City based company ISQ telephony in September 2015.

August 1976: Creation of GH Communications; bought in October 1989 by Maria and Joseph Silla, founders of AS Telecom in November 1982, an interconnector based in Ville-Saint-Laurent.

December 1990: Creation of Inter-Select Quebec; founders, Sylvie Gauvin and Pierre Bouchard, who renamed the company ISQ telephony in September 2002.

June 2001: Creation of Incotel Networks, from the takeover by Dino Silla of Videotron Incotel limited.

September 2006: Dino Silla bought from his parents Maria and Joseph, the GH Communications Company, merging it with Incotel Networks, to create Incotel-GH IP Solutions, remaining based in Ville-Saint-Laurent.

June 2014: Incotel-GH IP Solutions completes strategic acquisition of ISQ telephony by purchasing it from founders Sylvie Gauvin and Pierre Bouchard. This transaction enabled the group to expand its range of products and services, while increasing operational efficiency and completing its national presence, in order to strengthen its position and to increase its market share. The two companies merged in September 2015 to become Incotel-ISQ.

GH Communications, AS Telecom, ISQ Telephony and Incotel Networks were born in early interconnection period, which was one of the main tools used by regulatory agencies (such as the CRTC) to introduce competition in telecommunications markets by imposing requirements for interconnection to dominant carriers.

Incotel-ISQ is an interconnector, meaning that we sell, install and maintain phone systems in companies and administrations. Interconnection is specifically defined as the linking of two networks for the exchange of voice traffic.

Incotel-ISQ is also a cloud telephone service provider, with its range of services Inco-cloud, which dematerializes the telephone system while offering the same value-added services to the end-user.

Incotel-ISQ has 35 employees, including 15 skilled technicians, equipped with vehicles in perfect condition to ensure a service of exceptional quality. Providing a professional and convivial ambiance, some of our employees are still part of the team since the beginning of GH Communications in 1976.

Incotel-ISQ is a distributor of phone systems and telecommunication products

  • TOSHIBA Telecommunication Systems Division (Japanese Company);
  •  NEC Corporation (Japanese Company);
  •  MITEL Networks (Canadian company, based in Kanata, Ontario);
  • ADTRAN Inc. (American company)

Incotel-ISQ will develop an infrastructure to maximize your investment and to participate in the transformation of your business. Our customers include small and medium businesses, enterprises, governmental and municipal establishments, hospitals, several CLSC / nursing homes, private companies and organizations of all sizes whose performance is based on the efficiency of their equipment. We understand the importance of a reliable communication system and our mandate is to provide your business with the same satisfaction and peace of mind.